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Finest Drywall Repair Service in Providence RI

Are your walls damaged or have they suffered from large holes? Do you have the skills to repair it?

It can be difficult to find a company that can fix your drywall. You don’t have to worry because we are specialists in drywall restoration. Both home and commercial owners can have a difficult time repairing drywall damage. We understand that sometimes it is difficult to find the time and funds to hire someone to fix your problems with drywall. We promise to be the fastest, most reliable, and cost-effective choice for all your drywall repairs.

Our team of drywall contractors in Providence RI is proud of being a one-stop source for all your drywall needs. Each of our drywall contractor will make sure your walls stay dry, structurally sound, smooth, and ready for your enjoyment.

drywall repair during home remodeling
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man on a latter fixing drywall in ceiling

Drywall Repair

Do you want to fix damaged drywall? We can solve all your problems and help you do the dirty work.
drywall installation of new home construction project

Drywall Installation

We can work with you to create a customized plan. We also offer affordable pricing for our drywall installation services.
worker on a later starting to paint the ceiling white


We are not only able to do drywall repair, but also offer painting. We care about the aesthetics of your place.
two workers installing drywall in large room

Commercial Drywall

Let our commercial contractors remodel or repair your business. Our drywall contractor only use high-quality materials for your wall drywall.

Our Drywall Company

We are a drywall company offering a wide range drywall repair, construction, and popular services. We can help you with any kind of drywall damage. A hole in the wall of your business building can cause a disruption to the aesthetic of your workplace. We have specialists with experience in both residential and commercial drywall to help you install or repair it.

We use corner beads to give your home project and home repairs a professional, crisp look. This not only makes the area look cleaner, but it also strengthens the corners and prevents them from getting dented or any other type of damage. Our company is not like others that just offer interior repair and exterior repair. We offer so many more services!

Drywall is a common material used in the new construction of homes and buildings. It is sturdy and can keep walls stable. It takes effort and time to install and repair drywall. We are available to assist you with any of these issues if you don’t want to waste your time.

We only use the highest quality techniques when repairing or installing drywall. We can handle anything from a single square foot to large areas with precision and smooth work. We only use the highest quality materials for every excellent job we do.

Our professionals use joint compound, which seals the joints between drywall layers to make a seamless base for painting interior walls. We use a joint compound to seal the joints between drywall sheets so that there is no visible hole in the wall.

We also ensure safety when we do drywall patches and secure the drywall screws. We don’t want any pop nails to hurt you. To achieve a uniform finish for prime and paint, we use a drywall coating.

We use eco-friendly tools and materials for our drywall repair. Our company is the right choice to fix your drywall problems because we have the knowledge, experience, and skills necessary in this field. If you are in search of any drywall services then we are the right company for your needs.

drywall in new living room under construction
We needed our whole house re-drywalled so we used Providence Drywall Repair. Even though there were several rooms, they finished quickly because their work is really good.
Earl J.
The service was good and the price that Providence Drywall Repair charged me was fair. They were able to do all of my work pretty quickly too.
Neil R.
Providence Drywall Repair put up new drywall for us after we remodeled our kitchen. Their quote was pretty fair and they got the project finished without any issues.
Alan C.

Our Drywall Contracting Services

See below for more information about our stellar drywall services.

Drywall Repair

Drywall repairs rather than installations. If the problem can be fixed quickly and inexpensively, drywall repair will save you money. This will not only save you time but also make your repairs look fresh. Drywall Repair-No Holes, no Patching, just Paint it! Our team will clean up the mess and ensure that your home is as neat and tidy as new.

Our goal is to provide the most effective solution for drywall damage. There is no limit to the damage, size or dimension that we can repair. We are committed to ensuring our client’s satisfaction by making sure all jobs are done efficiently and effectively. We are not just another ‘tape & mud’ handyman. We use special techniques to guarantee the best results possible for your next project.

man on a latter fixing drywall in ceiling

Drywall Installation

Drywall installation involves putting up and mudding drywall. Drywall installation is also part of our service. To make your space airtight, we insulate any residential or commercial space with drywall.

Drywall installation can take long hours to finish and experienced drywall installers will be able to get the work done faster and with a higher quality of skill. We take care to ensure our customers are satisfied and make no mistakes during installation.

One of the main reasons we are so successful is because we provide excellent and satisfying services. We are proud to have a team that is highly skilled and known for their work. This makes it possible for them to tackle any kind of project, even drywall installation. Our company is well-established in the industry and we know what customers are looking for. We strive to make every customer happy.

drywall installation of new home construction project


We not only handle drywall repair but painting and finishing as well. We offer the best finish for your preferences and needs. We have a team who can help you to achieve the perfect aesthetic for your home.

We also use green paints and other environmentally-friendly materials for both existing drywall or new ones. We will work with your to achieve the look you are looking for in your house/office/offices. After the drywall is repaired, you can paint it. We will also provide the painting service, and have an experienced interior decorator for that task. We can make wallpapers or other materials to suit your needs. Please give us the opportunity to help. We will be glad to help.

worker on a later starting to paint the ceiling white

Commercial Drywall

We understand the importance of a business’s personality. We understand that a wall that has a large hole in the middle is not appealing to employees or customers. We can repair it quickly and without damaging any other areas of your property.

Our team is comprised of highly qualified workers who are reliable, fast, and efficient. We will do everything possible to complete the task on time. Because we’ve been in the field for so many years, we are familiar with different types of repair and can quickly recognize which sections of a wall should be removed and which ones can be repaired.

Commercial drywall installation is high quality and smooth. All aspects of the installation include framing, hanging, as well finishing. We offer safety guarantees from start to finish. Our team of commercial drywall experts is experienced in the complex design and protection of existing structures as well. Our expert and skilled technicians use only the highest quality material to ensure the highest quality of your finished drywall.

Our assigned drywall contractor always strives to finish the installation as quickly as possible and within the agreed time. In addition, we have a diverse commercial drywall team that can cater to your needs.

two workers installing drywall in large room

Drywall Finishing

Keep your drywalls in good condition by having a professional finish it. If you want to save both time and money then let our company do the drywall finishing for you. Our professionals will make sure that your walls are restored in no time at all, making them look new again.

For years our team of top drywall contractors have been offering a variety of finishes for our clients from brick to wood effects. We also offer textures such as knockdown, popcorn, or orange peel which can be obtained by different techniques when applied on drywall surfaces. In addition, we provide sanding and texturing so the surface is leveled appropriately before applying paint or coating material on top of it.

Before starting work on the walls, we will inspect them first to determine if there are any areas that need immediate fixing or repair. We will also see to it that the walls are primed and ready for the finish coat.

We understand that some homeowners may want to do the finishing themselves instead of calling a handyman service. But we highly advise against it as it can be quite tricky and time-consuming. Our team of professionals has years of experience in this field and knows how to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

For a professional finish that will last, contact us today! We service areas in east Providence. Our Providence drywall contractors are reputable and trusted, so be sure to give us a call.

Wherever you may be in Providence Rhode Island, we are here for you for any professional drywall or handyman service.

worker on a later starting to paint the ceiling white


We are experts in both remodeling and new construction. We have carefully selected contractors for our work, who are among the top in their fields. Our drywall contractors can handle any drywall remodeling including kitchen remodeling. We ensure your walls can have a smooth surface and we assure you that we make great job in-home repairs wherever you are in Providence RI.

We can assist you in choosing the right electrician, plumber, HVAC, and other home-improvement companies. We will help you obtain and coordinate bids for your future projects from one of the trusted contractors we work alongside. This will ensure that everyone is working together in order to reach your goals. The job doesn’t stop once a project has begun. We will manage the entire process to ensure that everything is completed on time, within budget, and correctly.

We believe in high-quality, affordable home improvement and are here to help you every step of the way. We would love the opportunity to prove how professional, efficient, and dependable we are by serving as your home remodeling partner.

basement during remodeling
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Our Approach

Our good drywall contractor offer drywall repair services in town and in Rhode Island. We can provide any drywall service for residential or commercial needs. Our company has worked on several projects. We will work in accordance with your requirements and preferences.

Our team of professionals works hard for you, and we will do any job on time! We offer a fair price in any drywall project, including installation of drywall sheets. Our customers will also receive quality service.

Our main activity involves performing many drywall services. We have a strong team of highly qualified, experienced workers that can do all types of project, drywall repairs, finishing, installation or painting.

We understand what it takes in order to finish a good job properly the first time. Our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction. We strive to meet or exceed our customers’ expectations and provide safe, quality service that adds value to their properties.

Frequently asked questions
Yes. All of our work comes with a warranty and guarantee.
Yes. When you contact us on our phone number or website, our agents can provide a free quote on whatever services you wish to avail from us.
Yes. When we do our drywall services, we make sure we match texture in any way we can.
Yes. One of our company’s drywall services is drywall painting. You may call us for more information regarding our painting services.
No. We are not a general contractor. We only offer drywall services.
We service the entire Providence RI area and surrounding towns in Rhode Island.
A drywall installation is necessary if your old drywalls are far from getting repaired or if you are moving into a new house. If you are confused about whether you need an installation or replacement, call our drywall contractor today and ask for a free quote.
You may schedule an appointment with our team of drywall contractors in Providence by calling us on our phone number or sending us a message through our site.
Drywall repairs are necessary if your drywall is showing signs of damage or leakage. If you are confused whether you should get a repair service or an installation service, call us today for assistance.
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